Moinho da Praia – Samouco

Samouco is a small town on the south margin of the tejo river, known for its salt works facilities and is easily reachable through the Vasco da Game bridge from Lisbon.

Here we find Moinho da Praia, a restaurant that is, unsurprisingly, an extension of a mill (moinho) next to a beach (praia), you gotta love old school restaurant naming.

The starters were the usual for a marisqueira, classic bread and butter combo, octopus salad, roe salad and olives. Nothing out of the ordinary or to write home about.

Ameijoas (clams) à bolhão pato

Probably my favorite shellfish dish, this classic portuguese starter tends to transform into a main course once you throw a nice bread into the mix to soak all the delicious sauce.

This one however, was just okay. It lacked that coriander and garlic punch that I love so much and while the clams were good it felt like the sauce could really benefit from a reduction.

Polvo (octopus) à lagareiro

One of the most common ways of serving octopus in portugal, boiled then roasted, it is then served with Batatas (potatoes) a Murro  (boiled then baked with skin) and a generous dosage of olive oil and garlic.

I can easily say that this was an incredible, probably my favorite version that I can remember. The octopus was perfectly cooked, not chewie at all and the end of the tentacles being just a tad bit charred was the coup de gras for my taste buds.
The potatoes were delicious, the skin perfectly salted  and everything was tied together with olive oil, that, much like the clam juice, got soaked in bread.

The desserts were definitely not good though, the tiramisu was a sugary mess and the lemon pudding tasted like lemon concentrate mixed with cream with bits of stale chocolate cookies, really unfortunate way of ending the meal.

If you like/want to try polvo à lagareiro, go there.

[Official Site]


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