A Melhor Casa das Francesinhas de Cascais – Porto Salvo

Francesinha is a traditional Porto sandwich, with a steak, ham, linguiça and fresh sausage, a generous amount of melted cheese on top and finally everything get’s bathe in a tomato and beer sauce, egg on top optionally.

Of all the Portuguese culinary sins, one of the biggest is admitting that anyone south of the Mondego river can make a good francesinha. In Cascais, tucked away inside a residential neighborhood, I would argue they did just that.

“A Melhor Casa das Francesinhas de Cascais” literally translates to “Cascais’s best house of Francesinhas”, a bold statement if Cascais had any other Francesinha place, but details aside, what do I feel about this artery clogger:

It’s fine. 

I’m sorry, but francesinhas are hard to describe and even worse to recommend. For me, its appeal is all about subtle variations in the sauce that really comes down to personal preferences, these ones are fine, nice flavorful spicy kick that I so adore.
But aside from swapping the regular sandwich bread for rustic bread, this is still the meat heavy dish of difficult digestion that I only eat for novelty sake.

If you’re really into francesinhas, you should give it a try, they are one of best in the greater Lisbon area. But if you’ve already tried the dish, and didn’t like it, don’t expect this one to change your mind.




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